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View our 4 Lifetime Advantages...lifetime warranty policies

All engagement ring orders come with a limited lifetime warranty. We recommend printing this page as a warranty card. Below is a list of items that are covered and not covered under warranty.

  • The warranty covers manufacturer's defects.
  • Some stones may become loose over time through normal wear. Loose stones may not be indicative of a manufacture defect, however it is our policy to tighten these stones under warranty.
  • Our warranty no longer covers the cost of materials. Some previous clients intentionally removed the valuable center diamond and asked us to replace it under warranty at no charge to them. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will insure your ring against loss, theft, and damage.
  • The lifetime warranty does include resizing by one full ring size up or down. Please keep in mind that it is impossible to resize eternity style rings and other specialty styles. Some exclusions may apply.
  • The warranty does not include shipping / insurance costs to and from our facilities.
  • The warranty does not cover materials; This includes, but is not limited to, diamonds, stones, heads, prongs, and metal.
  • Warranties are immediately void if any type of work other than a normal inspection, polishing, or cleaning is performed by an unauthorized jeweler. Please allow us to complete all resizing, tightening, fixing, and repairs under warranty.

...authenticity policies

Several precautions are taken to insure that each order is authentic. Since we use only certified diamonds that are certified by an independent firm, we can guarantee that each order genuine.

  • First, each and every one of our diamond suppliers is carefully screened using the most advanced jewelry supplier screening procedures available today. We hand select only the most reputable suppliers with well established credibility, even if they cost a little more.
  • Second, we use only natural and authentic merchandise. We NEVER use Moisanite, Cubic Zirconium, or synthetic diamonds in place of a natural diamond. We do not sell laser treated or clarity enhanced diamonds of any type. Since we never deal with synthetic diamonds or unnaturally altered diamond, there is no possibility of a lower grade diamond finding its way into our end product.
  • Lastly, we use only certified diamonds for each order. Using a certified diamond that was certified by an impendent firm guarantees the authenticity of each diamond. We rely on their expertise and credentials to select authentic merchandise to fulfill each order.

...all of the fine print

Term of use are listed below. This is the section our lawyer's require that each client agree to prior to ordering from us.

  • All laws in the state of California regarding the transaction with United Diamonds or its associates will take precedence.
  • Any litigation will take place in a California court with California judges ruled with California state law.
  • All weights are approximate, since each order is made to order. This includes stones, diamonds, metal, etc.
  • All diamond qualities related to color, clarity, and carat should be considered approximate. Even a certified diamond by a reputable independent laboratory such as GIA or EGL measure and grade diamonds using a subjective approach. Since our diamonds are certified by an independent firm, we rely on their reputation and expertise to report accurate diamond quality measurements. If the certified diamond report matches the diamond, We take no responsibility for any discrepancies made by other gemologists or appraisers in the diamond quality.
  • All attorneys' fees will be the responsibility of attorney's client and not that of United Diamonds.
  • It is the responsibility of the consumer to read this document and all other documents provided on the website. If there is anything that you do not understand, please seek legal advice before placing an order with us.
  • Before submitting your order with our company, you will be required to agree that you have read, understood, and have agreed to these terms and conditions as a whole.

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